Why Everyone Needs To Stay Warm

Take a second and think about how many hours a day you sit…

When I ask people this question the typical answer is 6-8 hours a day, basically their work day.

But take a step back and you’ll realize its a lot more.

We wake up, SIT in the car to work, SIT at work, SIT during lunch, SIT on the drive home, SIT during dinner and SIT watching tv. Tons of SITTING.

When we were kids we would get up, sit down, jump, roll around, crawl, run and play.

Our bodies are not only made to sit, but stretch, bend, twist, reach and brace, all within a given moderation. But as we get older, we sit longer hours, move less, lose proper posture and become inefficient with our movement patterns, not to mention our breathing. 

This all comes back to “why everyone needs to stay warm”.

When I say “warm”, I mean, are you sitting for too long? Then get up and move. Have you been standing for a long time? Take a knee like you did during your high school practice or lie down for a bit to reset your body. Either way, we need a simple warm up for our body that will prep it in all planes of motion as well as get our breathing, nervous system and body synced together.

In my opinion, these are the two biggest MYTHS we face as a whole.
1) We need to be in the gym to do something positive for our body.
2) We expect doing 3 sets of 15 reps for an hour will make our body strong for the other 23 hours.


Below are some of the reasons why everyone needs to stay “warm” throughout the day.
Or if you want to get right to it, follow the video and choose which moves you can COMMIT to daily. (warm up video 2)

Increase joint range of motion:
Take advantage of foam rollers, lacrosse balls, golf balls or sticks. There are many reasons to use these tools but we’ll keep it simple. The goal is to improve tissue quality, break up adhesions and increase joint range of motion. Also to excite and grab the brains attention so it can start to communicate with our body. To use big words, we want to stimulate the mechanoreceptors in the muscle and fascia so it can relax or brace itself. As we do this, we can break down scar tissue and be able to reach greater ranges with our movements while still being safe.

To prepare the Central Nervous System (CNS):
The central nervous system consists of the brain and spine and is responsible for the communication to the muscles. What people don’t realize is that as we lift heavy things, twist, pull or put any kind of stress on our body, our body requires an equal or even more CNS response to finish the task. So the heavier you lift, the more “nervous system strength” you need. Without this equal pairing of the brain to body, one will either override the other and create overall fatigue, shut down the body and sometimes even lose coordination.

To rehearse our 8 foundational movement patterns- We need to realize that we are not as limber as our younger years and we’re typically not as hydrated as we were. Please stop reverting back to that time in high school or college where you partied all night long, slept very little and had only classes to stress about. That time has gone and your body is completely different. Bottom line, the human body does 8 foundational moves that we need to master.

Hip Hinge
Vertical Push
Vertical Pull
Horizontal Push
Horizontal Pull
Heavy Carries

As we rehearse these movements throughout the day to stay “warm”, we teach our body to move properly so we can lift things safely. The ultimate goal is to become balanced and stable throughout. Click this link for my online program on the foundational movements…The BIG 8.

Grease the grooves of our joints- To fight pains and to learn proper positions, you have to prime your body through ranges throughout the day so things don’t get gunky. Consistently done, things start to glide a little bit more naturally and with way less restrictions. Everything starts to work in sync while you move. Layer your 8 foundational moves on top of that, you start to move like a well oiled machine and find it easier to get to your strong positions when you need it most.

Heres a simple warm up video for you all to practice!

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